Encounter Covid 19 Indonesia

Almost three mounth this pandemic passed in Indonesia. It caused some activity to stop. Based from news and situation lockdown’s system have do be nice. However not all place in Indonesia apply well.

Lockdown with hashtag “stayathome” caused the economy is weakening. All community layer to feel it. Most big effect to feel to tourism spot, hotel and entertainment service provider.

Tourism spot have bigger influence. From normally crawded visitor be nothing visitor. The matter giving effect againt worker in the world of tourism.

The number two is hotel travel service. Some people be canceled booking of hotel because this pandemi. And until now nothing people who want to rent hotel service. Also lots of Travel service stop completely running the business of traveller.

And the next effect to feel to entertainment service provider. For example ; groub band, Electone, Singer and the other. They to lose the job because the people to use their service have stop activity for avoid the crowd to purpose cut off spreading chain Covid 19.

All things to doing is positively. So that Covid 19 vanish quickly, lets we obey the rules from government that soon back to normally.